The new IPhone Android Vs Apple

Android vs. Apple the new IPhone 5 soon available on tmobile

The new iphone is going to be avalible soon at T-Mobile

The IPhone has not been available on all wireless carriers it is will be available soon on Tmobile android has 72.2 % of the market leaving  19.2 % left for Apple IOS Android have more flexibility more screen choices and price choices. Androids have better battery life and you can replace the battery without sending your phone to Apples new IPhone 5 to get the battery replaced.  Some say Apple new IPhone 5 is easier to use but it has less function buttons.

Siri voice control better on the new IPhone 5

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Damaged wireless cell phone

Broken wireless Cell Phone, Insurance Lost, warranty, damaged

Broken Wireless Cell phone insurance is it worth it?

How much are we paying for wireless cell phone insurance to fix your broken wireless phones? I’ve had wireless cell phone insurance for my HTC MY Slide 3G for about 18 Months. During this time, I paid $7.99 monthly. I have had the phone for 18 months and paid $144.00. I now have a broken wireless cell phone what to do? When I called about my HTC they advised me that my warranty had expired 6 months after I entered a 2 year contract. Good thing I had insurance to replace a broken wireless phone. I called and talked to the cell phone insurance company. If there is a crack, any physical or water damage I will be charged $130.00 deductible for a Warranty replacement cell phone.

There will be a charge if the phone has

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New Android Apps just games that I don’t need? Or can they help me play doctor?

New Android Apps for the most popular mobile platform

You can find as many New Android Apps on Google play you want More than 600,000 apps on Google Play, including Songs and books and thousands of movies. Google play has | search feature for apps I found 20 pages of pay for apps and 20 pages of free apps and some for medical for $1.99 you can get your new android apps for your phone to help you with Operative outlines for surgery. I found A EMT-Basic Guide
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Upgrade for Android

Upgrade For Android phones

Upgrade for Android software is a Linux-based software and is open source for mobile devices Led by Google. Android has many tasty sounding names in the past. The latest android software is 4.2 Jelly Bean. Android is one of the leaders In smart phone software. The other leader’s in smart phones does not Continue reading

cell phone apps

Cool Google Voice Service and App for cell phone or important number with Voice mail, TXT

Google Voice get a new array of services for your cell phone Port your number to Google voice service

Callers are given one number to call you. When a call rings Google voice your cell phone, work phone, and even your home number can ring at the same time or when you tell them to in programming. You can screen calls by have the service announce the caller’s name and then send them to Voice Mail or you can choose to answer the call. Your customers or friends can send a TXT message to your new service and you receive a TXT to your cell phone and email. You can easily make conference calls on your cell phone with an App. The Txt messages uses data your data plan not your TXT message plan (additional savings of up to $20/month).  In addition to all that,

Cheep call to International locations using data only cost very little

International calls are almost free, about $0.02 per min. You should talk with your current
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Review of GPS Magellan RoadMate 5235T-LM

GPS Magellan roadMate 5235 VS my older Magellan Model 1212 GPS

The RoadMate 5235T-LM has life time traffic and map update (T-LM) so I can update the lifetime maps for free. I can change the display to show  Direction, Speed, Elevation or Time, when not routed and Direction, ETA, Speed, Remaining, Elevation when routed. It is more difficult to switch information views on the display if you are driving. (My old Magellan Roadmate I would Press once and change the view, pressed multiple times to get the desired Info)

The more I play with this new Magellan RoadMate 5235T-LM GPS the more I like it.

The speed reminder can let you know you are speeding saving you a ticket. The posted speed is displayed right on the GPS screen. I can switch the display view to 2D and 3D

Free Shipping on all Products!

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Locked in to a cell phone contract for 2 years

Cell phone plans with a contract

Cell phone plans

You sign a contract to get a free or  discounted phone. You do not get unlimited voice or unlimited data. You pay big bucks for a cell phone plan you cannot change. You only get rewarded with an upgraded cell phone (that you may not really need) But now you are required to be locked into another plan for 2 to 3 years. You might go with prepaid cell phone plan but most of the big cell companies give you less coverage with a prepaid plan and charge you more for a smart phone.


What is 4G LTE what does it mean, is it fast?

4G LTE will make your cell phone download data fast, Use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and other APP’s

What is 4G LTE and why do I want it. Maybe you don’t see yourself using the web on your phone?You could use applications that will use data and will work better if you have a faster data connection. Skype can be installed on Android phones and Apple IPhones to save money on International long distance and to send instant text messages. .



I find that 4G LTE has a fast speed download about 299.6 mb per second on your wireless phone Faster than WIMAX


4th Generation wireless technology mobile ultra-broadband (4G) applications will include

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App for Gopro

APP GoPro Video Camera Free

GoPro Camera View

GoPro Camera View


App for the GoPro Video Camera allows you to use your phone to control your GoPro Camera

  The Gopro Video App works both for the Apple IOS and Android products lets you control your Video camera remotely using a smart phone or tablet. Features include full camera control of all settings, live preview to your smart phone or tablet for easy shot framing and more. Upcoming Smart phone App features will also include (advanced features Access all content on your camera’s SD card for Video preview, browsing, and file management and Multi-Camera control). The Gopro Hero 3 Camera has With the Wi-Fi Built in you have a remote that is waterproof and can control 50 GoPro cameras from 600 Ft. The built-in WiFi will allow you to see the video that the camera is recording.

The Gopro Video App is a must have and so is The Gopro Hero 3


Gopro Hero 3 Video Camera shoots 12 Mega Pixel Ultra Wide HD Video, Burst, time-lapse and

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