Are You Using Weak Passwords?

Weak passwords
My Week passwords

Reports have shown a password gets reused an average of 13 Times. Thirteen is an unlucky number. Medium-sized Businesses reused passwords at higher rates than large enterprise companies.
80 % of hacking is with stolen and reused passwords. Passwords are direct access to confidential information. Weak passwords are like the red carpet to leaked information. Weak passwords are easy to remember, great passwords safeguard information, and are harder to remember. If your password is your pet’s name, a hacker might guess your password. By the way, do you have a Pet? What is your pet’s name? Just do a search for the worst passwords or common passwords most hacked passwords. According to studies, 123456 is the most used password and most hacked. How do you make strong passwords? Strong passwords are unique, with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. How do you remember your password? Make it something really easy for you to remember, like your pet’s name, NO NO just kidding! Typically, we might write a password down to remember it, but that is not a good idea. I’m out and about I have all my passwords with me on a sheet of paper. What happens if someone finds my password list? What if Only you could only read the password list because it is encrypted and you and only you have the key? What if I told you there was a program that could:
unlock your password list (Password Vault) with Biometrics, fingerPrint, or use your face with a camera on your device
can store and remember unlimited unique passwords even secure credit card information if you like
identify weak vulnerable passwords
sync passwords with your other devices
and works on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. see link below for more features.

Where can I get this great password tool? See Below for The NordPass. This link also provides Personal and Business plans and many other helpful tools, features.