Smart Lighting Control

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Philips Hue Starter Kits

Smart lighting control works with Bluetooth, WiFi, or both to control your lights depending on the system. Motion Sensors can automatically control a Programmed light or many smart lights or many lights. Smart dimmer switches can be attached to any wall or used as a wireless remote no wiring is needed. Smart switches and replace old-fashioned light switches. Smart light switches can be installed and control smart lights at your light switch location. Smart Buttons can turn lights on and off but also dim the lights or make the light brighter. Smart buttons are wireless so you can mount them where you need them. The time of day function can change the color of your smart lights that have the color feature. Smart light plugs can be easily installed to control any plug-in lights. A Bridge allows you to connect up to 50 lights and 12 accessories. Connect the Hue Bridge to your router and control the smart lights in every room by voice or app.
The bridge allows you to control the lights when you are away from the house. Control Smart Lights inside and smart light outside. Smart Light bulbs come in different shapes and models with different uses. Sync your lights when you turn on your home theater with the HDMI Sync box. Starter kits help get your smart lighting control system started with some basics. the Starter kits come with the bridge and two or four lights. There is an app to control the lights. Please read the product pages to make sure everything works together.