GPS for RVs and Trucking Vehicles

Go RV'ing with a GPS Or Trucking with a GPS

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RV GPS works great for RVs and Trucking vehicles and it is a good idea to follow a route suitable for RVs or Trucking as many have RV GPS Customized Trucking or Routing. After all, we don’t want to get lost and drive down a street where we cannot turn around easily, or encounter other issues such as weight restrictions, tree canopies or overpass clearances. Cell phones don’t always work when there is no signal and screens are small. RV GPS for RVs and Trucking vehicles works most of the time because they work from satellite signals. One place they do not work well is in tunnels but there is one way in and one way out.

GPS for RVs and Trucking Vehicles can show the speed limit on the screen on some models. GPS for RVs and Trucking Vehicles can also work as a hands-free communication as most have handsfree Bluetooth speaker capabilities. Also frees up your cell phone.  GPS for RVs and Trucking Vehicles can Alert you of traffic, find points of interest, restaurants gas stations, shopping, and more.  Here are some Models available GPS for RVs and Trucking Vehicles systems to take on your first trip. Where are you going to go? I ask because you want to make sure that the GPS for RVs and Trucking Vehicles has the maps loaded that you need. If you decide to go to Alaska you may need US and Canada Maps but if you decide to go to Mexico you might only need US and Mexico. Where ever you go have fun and stay safe. So look over the features of the various types of GPS for RVs and Trucking Vehicles listed below. Check the listing for complete features. See the link at the bottom of this page. One other accessory you might like is a GPS mount that looks like a pillow and sits on the dash instead of the window. #RVlife. #RVlifestyle. #goRVing. #RVliving #fulltimeRV. #fulltimeRVing. #RVfulltime #campinglife #RVGPS #TRUCKINGGPS

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Garmin RV 780 & Traffic

Garmin RV 780 w/ BC 30 Backup Camera

Garmin RV 780 & Traffic 6.95 touch screen. Pre Loaded with Street maps and Traffic updates. Customized trucking routing to help you navigate the unknown. Bluetooth connects to your phone for hands-free calling. Discover new places with restaurants, shops and more. The voice-activated navigation keeps your eyes and hands on the road. Wireless backup camera compatible extra. Pinch to zoom so you can zoom in and out to your route. see complete Feature list Price  $$$

TomTom VIA 1605M Lifetime Maps

TomTom Via 1605M Lifetimes maps 6 inch  Automotive GPS is another good choice For an RV GPS.  but I do not see the truck routing feature. The IQ routing technology is based on average speed vs Speed limits so you know when you will be there and what route to take. Advanced lane guidance, spoken street names and, turn by turn voice guidance to get you there. Preloaded with maps for your RV trip with GPS to Canada the United States or Mexico. Remember Lifetime Maps roads change and updates are needed and included with this GPS. 7 million points of interest. Automatic rerouting speed alerts so you don’t get a ticket and multi Language user interface 30 languages voice instruction in 36 languages with 50 voices . Help me Menu for Local emergency, Fire Police and Hospitals. fast route recalculating is great when you make wrong turns to get you back on track. Rechargeable Li-ION Battery.
Comes with an affordable price

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Garmin RV 890 8″ RV GPS Navigator

Garmin RV 890 , 8 inch GPS Navigator is a RV GPS, has live services, Parking, Weather and traffic Via the Garmin Drive App. has a better battery with 2 hours per charge. The Customized truck routing makes this a good RV GPS. Wireless backup camera compatible (extra BC-35 ). Truck specific Points of interest. pinch to zoom for a close look. Maps coverage United States. has 3d Buildings and 3d terrain. Includes map updates and comes with a MicroSD slot. Navigation Garmin real directions landmark guidance. Millions of points of interests. Route shaping, allows you to manually shape your route to change its course. Voice activated navigation and speed alerts. lane assist with junction view to display junction signs.
Bluetooth calling connect your cell phone. speed limit indicator display speed limit for most roads US and Europe, Driver alerts warn of sharp curves, school zones, red light and speed cameras warnings and more. WiFi map and software update. Specialized routing GPS for RVs and Trucking Vehicles includes RV parks & camp; services, road elevations, speed limit changes, state border notices, sun set sun rise times. mile marker info. easy trip planning with Gpx File sharing.

Garmin RV 1090 Driving Performance Optimizer

Garmin RV 1090 Driving Performance Optimizer  10 inch screen
Custom GPS RV routing. Live services , traffic, parking, weather Via Garmin drive app on your smart phone. Bluetooth hands-free Calling and Voice activated navigation. 2 hour battery per charge. Wireless backup Camera compatible (Extra). Reloaded with RV Parks and services, content from Ultimate Public Campgrounds, KOA®, iOverlander™, a directory of U.S. national parks and PlanRV makes your trip simple and easy. This RV GPS supports spoken requests , stay handsfree and on the road with your hands on the wheel.  Built in Wifi to update maps. Smart notification displays TXT messages on the GPS screen.  Save money with Live fuel prices right on the screen. 16 GB internal memory MicroSD Slot capable of size not listed Extra not included.

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TomTom GO 520 5″ Automotive GPS with Wi-Fi

TomTom Go 520,  5 inch Automotive GPS ,
lifetime maps , Bluetooth, Fully inter active with pinch zoom and also swipe. Lifetime Speed camera provides alerts when approaching fixed mobile or average speed cameras. US, Canada and Mexico Maps. Destination prediction. IQ routing based on travel times not speed limits. Spoken instructions. Tap & Go instantly get a route to destination gets you on the road faster. QuickGPXfix speeds up the time to fix the GPS position. Call family and friends with Handsfree calling, one hour battery life. This one says it is compatible with Siri and Google Now. 16 GB internal memory MicroSD Slot capable of 32 Gb Extra not included

TomTom GO 620 6″ Automotive GPS with Wi-Fi

TomTom go 620 6 inch Wide Screen Automotive GPS , replace By Trucker 620
Lifetime Maps US Canada & Mexico, Lifetime speed cameras, Bluetooth handsfree calling. Connect smart phone with TomTom Services Via Bluetooth.
Fully interactive capacitive screen, pinch, zoom & swipe. destination prediction. Compatible with Siri and Google Now. Spoken instructions in English , French Spanish & 30 other languages.  16 GB internal memory MicroSD Slot capable of 32 Gb Extra not included

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