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Broken Wireless Cellphones
Broken Wireless Cellphones

Broken Wireless Cell phone insurance is it worth it?

How much are we paying for wireless cell phone insurance to fix your broken wireless phones? I’ve had wireless cell phone insurance for my HTC MY Slide 3G for about 18 Months. During this time, I paid $7.99 monthly. I have had the phone for 18 months and paid $144.00. I now have a broken wireless cell phone what to do? When I called about my HTC they advised me that my warranty had expired 6 months after I entered a 2 year contract. Good thing I had insurance to replace a broken wireless phone. I called and talked to the cell phone insurance company. If there is a crack, any physical or water damage I will be charged $130.00 deductible for a Warranty replacement cell phone.

There will be a charge if the phone has

Physical Damage

Broken wireless cell phone replacement

When I called the insurance company I was told, if my broken wireless phone has physical damage they would charge me $130 for an exchange. Water, cracks and broken screens would be considered physical damage.
Another option: buy an unlocked cellphone

So I would have paid $274 to have my Broken wireless phone replaced. I did not think that my phone had any physical damage and I did not get it wet. I was only told I would be charged $5.00 and they will send me another phone and ship it Over Night Next-Day air.  I have paid $149 plus 6 more months of insurance because Tmobile will not let me make any changes for a total of $197. If my phone had physical damage I would have paid a total of $322.

I new wireless phone will cost you alot and they may make you sign a new cell phone contract

If I have to get a new wireless phone might cost me $369 if I do not want to Sign a cell phone contract for a new My touch cell phone. I also found Refurbished My Slide 3G in excellent condition for $224 on my Links to the right. In researching how to fix my phone, I also called a local cell phone repair shop and learned the flex cable needs to be repaired and the total cell phone repair would be $55.00. If my display is cracked it would be more expensive for the repair. So to summarize: if my phone was Damaged, Lost or Stolen I would have paid my Insurance ($144) plus my deductible ($130) for a total of $322.00. Let me remind you that with about 5 minutes of research, I just found my phone online for $224 It is a HTC myslide 3G If I had to pay the insurance for a lost or damaged phone I would have saved $98 to buy a refurbished phone.
So I could save money to not have cell phone insurance and the related hassles, proving your case, shipping & other complexities including only 90 day warranty at best. If I continue the insurance I will pay 6 more payments totaling another $48.00. I am not sure at this point if they will even allow me to cancel my insurance premiums since it is so profitable for them. In conclusion, I don’t feel I should’ve paid for any cell phone insurance since it’s so much easier to just replace the phone And have a choice on what phone to get. My old phone is only a 3G it would be nice to invest in a 4G phone.

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