What is 4G LTE what does it mean, is it fast?

4G LTE will make your cell phone download data fast, Use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and other APP’s

What is 4G LTE and why do I want it. Maybe you don’t see yourself using the web on your phone?You could use applications that will use data and will work better if you have a faster data connection. Skype can be installed on Android phones and Apple IPhones to save money on International long distance and to send instant text messages. .


I find that 4G LTE has a fast speed download about 299.6 mb per second on your wireless phone Faster than WIMAX


4th Generation wireless technology mobile ultra-broadband (4G) applications will include


IP Telephone calls (IP Telephony), Mobile Web, Gaming, HD Definition Mobile TV, 3D TV, Video Conferencing all on your portable device. 4G Wireless can support laptops, tablets, cell phones. Apple Iphone has facetime video calling feature that works with other Apple products . I am sure you will find an APP for that on the android and the PC. New cell phone have 2 cameras one for video calling the other for video and pictures. Voice to text control to send text messages just by talking.There are many interactive games that you can play with your cell phone. New blue ray Movies allow you to download a copy to watch on your cell phone.google calaender can work on your phone and google mail and sync instantly. First let me talk about a fast Mobile Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access WIMAX It is fast but not faster than LTE.  (Mobile WiMAX) 30 -40 Mbit a second about 3.55 Min for 1GB of Data to down load.

Your new cell phone will love LTE use because it is almost 7.5 times faster than WIMAX and will keep you up to speed at 299.6 Mb/s download

Long Term Evolution (LTE) Based on GSM/EDGE AND UMTS/HSPA Network technologies LTE is an upgrade from GSM/UMTS and CDMA Networks LTE is anticipated to be the First truly global standard. 4G LTE uses different frequencies you will need a multiband 4G Cell phone.
LTE is an Internet Protocol Network Or IP telephone network.

The peak download of 299.6 Mbit a second Upload of 75.4 Mbit a second better support for fast-moving vehicles moving faster than 220 MPH LTE is a packet switched radio which allows fast data transfer. 4G phones will fall back to the 3G or 2G standard for voice calls. With all this speed you will need more data on your smart cell phone.

Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (Edge) Or enhanced GPRS (EGPRS) Edge is considered Pre 3G Data rates up to 500Kbit/s or 0.5 Mbit/s not very fast

Summary If you have a Smart Phone and use Data or surf the web on your cell phone you might want 4G LTE. This is from my own research and understanding. So when you look for a cell phone ask the cell phone is 4G capable. Most of the major cell phone carriers have 4G or they are upgrading to it. If you have a older android or Iphone it may be the right time for an upgrade.

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