New Android Apps just games that I don’t need? Or can they help me be my own doctor?

Cell Phone Apps
Cell Phone Apps

New Android Apps for the most popular mobile platform

You can find as many New Android Apps on Google play you want More than 600,000 apps on Google Play, including Songs and books and thousands of movies. Google play has | search feature for apps I found 20 pages of pay for apps and 20 pages of free apps and some for medical for $1.99 you can get your new android apps for your phone to help you with Operative outlines for surgery. I found A EMT-Basic Guide

and Quiz to load on my phone. An app can help you do something on you Android Smart phone or your apple phone, but you would look at the apple store for apps for an Apple phone.
Google play can list the paid or free apps in the order of the top 24 apps. Most apps are under $10 but can cost over $1000; some are free.

New Android Apps or Apple Apps Can Make You Money

You can make money if you can think of a cool new android app that has not been created. Get a hold of me if you have an Idea. There are apps for Business, Communication, Finance, and Productivity that may help you at work. In addition to apps there are Books, Magazines, Movies TV, and Music sorted by Genres or most popular on Google Play. Google has New android apps that you can add to link your calendar and email to your wireless phone. There are many other apps made by others that do the same thing. Look for a new android apps with a High rating. I just downloaded a new android apps to my phone for an alarm clock.

Get a new android apps for video chat with 10 friends