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GoPro Camera View
GoPro Camera View


App for the GoPro Video Camera allows you to use your phone to control your GoPro Camera

  The Gopro Video App works both for the Apple IOS and Android products lets you control your Video camera remotely using a smart phone or tablet. Features include full camera control of all settings, live preview to your smart phone or tablet for easy shot framing and more. Upcoming Smart phone App features will also include (advanced features Access all content on your camera’s SD card for Video preview, browsing, and file management and Multi-Camera control). The Gopro Hero 3 Camera has With the Wi-Fi Built in you have a remote that is waterproof and can control 50 GoPro cameras from 600 Ft. The built-in WiFi will allow you to see the video that the camera is recording.

The Gopro Video App is a must have and so is The Gopro Hero 3


Gopro Hero 3 Video Camera shoots 12 Mega Pixel Ultra Wide HD Video, Burst, time-lapse and


photos Shoot HD video like a pro with the GoPro Camera. This is on top of my want list. Use this camera in the pool or action adventure you cannot do that with other camera’s Shoots video 1080P60/ 720p120/ and 1440p48/.With the GoPro you can shoot amazing videos in action.  With the 12mp Camera you can shoot a burst of 30 frames per second.  This camera shots 12 Frames per second to 240 frames per second depending on resolution and other settings. Time laps from .05 sec to 60 sec. Take 3 to 30 Pictures in one sec or 30 Pictures in 2 or 3 sec. 

Mount the GoPro Hero 3 Video Camera On you Bike, Race car, Classic car or Airplane


 There are a number of accessory’s available for this Video camera. Use the GoPro Video Camera under water in all modes. It comes with a waterproof clear plastic housing with a replaceable lenses. There are 15 different mounting kits that you can get from body mounts to Auto mounts, roll bar, Suction cup, Helmet and surf board mounts to name a few.

Free Video editing software

 Free Video editing software to edit your pictures and video’s, easy playback and trim your videos. Adjust the frame rate for slow motion. Quickly create Videos from your time-lapse photos. Convert your videos to AVI or MOV video files to play better on the computer. Edit and adjust the white balance, exposure, Contrast, Saturation and framing. Export MP4/MOV for web sharing, including pre-formatted 3D content for YouTube and 3D TVs. Works with Mac 10.6, 10.7  and Window XP and 7. To shoot 3D Video you get 2 GoPro cameras and a special housing for 2 cameras. Memory add a 2 GB to 64Gb Micro SD micro SDHC and micro SDXC Cards higher speed class of 10 card required for pro mode.

I own a GoPro Video Camera and I love it!.