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Are You Using Weak Passwords?

My Week passwords

Reports have shown a password gets reused an average of 13 Times. Thirteen is an unlucky number. Medium-sized Businesses reused passwords at higher rates than large enterprise companies. 80 % of hacking is with stolen and reused passwords. Passwords are direct access to confidential information. Weak passwords are like the red carpet to leaked information.… Continue reading Are You Using Weak Passwords?

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New 5G Smart Cell Phone

New 5G Smart Cell Phones 2022.

New 5G smart Cell Phones are getting better and better. 5G Cell Phones have longer battery life with better batteries more efficient Smartphone chips and components.
More memory helps you run many apps and do more with your phone. They have health, games, communications, and banking apps with 2022 5G smart cell phones.
people make free phone calls around the world with the 2020 Smart Phone.