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Are You Using Weak Passwords?

My Week passwords

Reports have shown a password gets reused an average of 13 Times. Thirteen is an unlucky number. Medium-sized Businesses reused passwords at higher rates than large enterprise companies. 80 % of hacking is with stolen and reused passwords. Passwords are direct access to confidential information. Weak passwords are like the red carpet to leaked information.… Continue reading Are You Using Weak Passwords?

G Smart Cell Phone
New 5G Smart Cell Phone

New 5G Smart Cell Phones 2022.

New 5G smart Cell Phones are getting better and better. 5G Cell Phones have longer battery life with better batteries more efficient Smartphone chips and components.
More memory helps you run many apps and do more with your phone. They have health, games, communications, and banking apps with 2022 5G smart cell phones.
people make free phone calls around the world with the 2020 Smart Phone.

Android vs. Apple the new iPhone 5 soon available on Tmobile

The IPhone has not been available on all wireless carriers it will be available soon on Tmobile
android has 72.2 % of the market leaving 19.2 % left for Apple IOS Android have more flexibility more screen choices and price choices. Androids have better battery life and you can replace the battery without sending your phone to Apples new IPhone 5 to get the battery replaced. Some say

Broken wireless Cell Phone, Insurance Lost, warranty, damaged

Wireless Cell phone insurance is it worth it?
How I replaced my phone for almost free.
How much are we paying for wireless cell phone insurance? I’ve had wireless phone a HTC MY Slide 3G for about 18 Months. During this time, I paid $7.99 monthly. I have had the phone for 18 months and paid $144.00. When I called my HTC they advised my warranty had expired 6 months after I entered a 2 year contract. I called and talked to the cell phone insurance company. If there is a crack,

Upgrade for Android

Upgrade For Android

Android cell phone whats Jelly Bean Cell Phone software

Android software is a Linux based software and is open source for mobile devices Led by Google.
Android has many tasty sounding names in the past. The latest android software is 4.2 Jelly Bean. Android is one of the leaders In smart phone software

Cool Google Voice Service and App for cell phone or important number with Voice mail, TXT

Google voice is a cool feature that gives you a free phone number.

android apps what is google voice this works with your google mail and google calender uses your data not your minuets you can have free telephone numbers
and call international long distance for cheep from your IPhone or Android cell phone

Review of GPS Magellan RoadMate 5235T-LM

Maggellan GPS

The more I play with this new Magellan RoadMate 5235T-LM GPS the more I like it.
The GPS speed reminder can let you know you are speeding saving you a ticket. The posted speed is displayed right on the GPS screen. I can switch the display view to 2D and 3D

Cell phone plans with a contract

Cell phone plans You sign a contract to get a free or  discounted phone. You do not get unlimited voice or unlimited data. You pay big bucks for a cell phone plan you cannot change. You only get rewarded with an upgraded cell phone (that you may not really need) But now you are required… Continue reading Cell phone plans with a contract

What is 4G LTE what does it mean, is it fast?

What is 4G LTE and why do I want it. Maybe you don’t see yourself using the web on your phone?You could use applications that will use data and will work better if you have a faster data connection. Skype can be installed on Android phones and Apple IPhones to save money on International long. New cell phone have 2 cameras one for video calling the other for video and pictures. Voice to text control to send text messages just by talking.There are many interactive games that you can play with your cell phone. New blue ray Movies allow you to download a copy