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Cool Google Voice Service and App for cell phone or important number with Voice mail, TXT

Google Voice get a new array of services for your cell phone Port your number to Google voice service

Callers are given one number to call you. When a call rings Google voice your cell phone, work phone, and even your home number can ring at the same time or when you tell them to in programming. You can screen calls by have the service announce the caller’s name and then send them to Voice Mail or you can choose to answer the call. Your customers or friends can send a TXT message to your new service and you receive a TXT to your cell phone and email. You can easily make conference calls on your cell phone with an App. The Txt messages uses data your data plan not your TXT message plan (additional savings of up to $20/month).  In addition to all that,

Cheep call to International locations using data only cost very little

International calls are almost free, about $0.02 per min. You should talk with your current
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App for Gopro

APP GoPro Video Camera Free

GoPro Camera View

GoPro Camera View


App for the GoPro Video Camera allows you to use your phone to control your GoPro Camera

  The Gopro Video App works both for the Apple IOS and Android products lets you control your Video camera remotely using a smart phone or tablet. Features include full camera control of all settings, live preview to your smart phone or tablet for easy shot framing and more. Upcoming Smart phone App features will also include (advanced features Access all content on your camera’s SD card for Video preview, browsing, and file management and Multi-Camera control). The Gopro Hero 3 Camera has With the Wi-Fi Built in you have a remote that is waterproof and can control 50 GoPro cameras from 600 Ft. The built-in WiFi will allow you to see the video that the camera is recording.

The Gopro Video App is a must have and so is The Gopro Hero 3


Gopro Hero 3 Video Camera shoots 12 Mega Pixel Ultra Wide HD Video, Burst, time-lapse and

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