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Damaged wireless cell phone

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Broken Wireless Cell phone insurance is it worth it?

How much are we paying for wireless cell phone insurance to fix your broken wireless phones? I’ve had wireless cell phone insurance for my HTC MY Slide 3G for about 18 Months. During this time, I paid $7.99 monthly. I have had the phone for 18 months and paid $144.00. I now have a broken wireless cell phone what to do? When I called about my HTC they advised me that my warranty had expired 6 months after I entered a 2 year contract. Good thing I had insurance to replace a broken wireless phone. I called and talked to the cell phone insurance company. If there is a crack, any physical or water damage I will be charged $130.00 deductible for a Warranty replacement cell phone.

There will be a charge if the phone has

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